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(800) 993-2009


Siebert Trading Group

We use cutting edge technology to make markets in multiple exchanges and in over 400 different securities and fixed income products.

(800) 993-2009

Executions & Liquidity

We strive to provide one of the lowest average effective spreads in the industry.

Order Types & Handling

We handle a variety of order types including limit orders, on close orders and much more.

Execution Quality & Order Routing

STXG maintains a regular and rigorous review of order handling and execution with access to numerous tools and reports.

Equities Market Making (STXG)



Behind STXG

Siebert Trading Group (STXG) offers superior service and best execution through a unique business model that combines the best of automation and experienced trader interaction for Domestic and Foreign securities including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB, Pink Sheet, ADR’s and Foreign Ordinary shares. Our automated and manual executions and dedication to superior client service have withstood the tests of rapidly evolving market structure and trading strategies. 

Our Advantages

Our strengths include: trading experience in Domestic and Foreign markets, enhanced liquidity, and the search for significant price improvement. Each of Siebert Trading Group’s clients has a dedicated representative because frequent interaction is the basis of our service platform. We strive to add significant liquidity in all securities traded.

Some sectors we trade and make markets in include:.

Bank Stocks
International Securities
Preferred and Convertible Securities
Corporate Bonds
Rare and Inactive Securities
Government Agencies
Distressed Securities
Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

With Siebert Trading Group and our experienced traders, we can handle larger orders to get you and your company excellent executions at a great price.

Trade Execution Support

Siebert Trading Group trade execution means complete support managed by our competent, professional execution team.


Equities Market Making

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