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Combining Siebert Financials’ expertise in the financial world and BetterInvesting’s practical principles will help individuals become successful by educating them to become profitably lifelong investors.


BetterInvesting®, also known as The National Association of Investors™, is a nonprofit organization, whose conviction is that anyone can become a successful lifelong stock investor by following sound, practical investing principles.



About BetterInvesting

BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a program of sound investment information, education and support that helps create successful lifetime investors. Learn more about how BetterInvesting's mission and investing methodology has helped millions of people become better, more informed investors.

Learn About Investing

BetterInvesting provides unbiased investment education based on time-tested principles of fundamental stock investing. Investing in the stock market offers significant opportunities for potential gains, yet it can be intimidating to new investors—with BetterInvesting, you can learn how to be profitable for the long-term.

Stock Selection Tools

BetterInvesting's online stock selection and analysis tools present sales, earnings, profitability, price-earnings ratios, dividends and other fundamental data in a highly visual, logical format. These tools will help you invest profitably in high-quality growth stocks.

Stock Investment Clubs

A stock investment club is made up of a group of people who come together to learn how to invest in the stock of quality companies, pool their money to build a profitable stock portfolio, and apply that learning to their personal stock investments.

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As a BetterInvesting member, you will have access to an in-depth and growing learning center designed for both beginning and experienced investors.



Stock Ideas.

One of the many benefits of becoming a BetterInvesting member is having access to their stock ideas, stock lists, stock screens and stock reports. The member site section provides you lists of companies that are either popular with BetterInvesting members or that meet specific screening criteria. Start your selections with different stock ideas:

  • Ticker Heat Map

    The BetterInvesting Ticker Heat Map feature in their online stock selection tools is a resource of stock ideas based on the top 100 studies created by members in the last 90 days.

  • Online Tools Stock Screen

    BetterInvesting's online stock selection and analysis tools have a number of Predefined Screens built in to help members find companies meeting their quality criteria, and that make candidates for potential investment.

  • BetterInvesting Weekly e-Newsletter

    You'll find a variety of stock screens and lists meeting key criteria every week in your inbox to help you find stocks to meet your needs.

BetterInvesting Magazine

Informative investing and personal finance articles in each issue and great companies featured throughout BetterInvesting Magazine.

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