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Pricing & Fees

What sets us apart from the rest? Low, competitive rates and fees. With Siebert, you get even more value with no minimums to open a personal account, complimentary portfolio reviews, and much more.

Detailed Fee Schedule

Cashiering Fees

Bounced Check Fee - $25
Check Stop Payment - $25
Copy of Check - $3
Fed Wire Fee - $50
Foreign Wire Fee - $50
Prepayment of Funds - 2%
Reg T Extension - $25
Returned Wire Fee - $25
Visa Debit Card - $100/year

Operational & Security Processing Fees

DRS Reject Fee Transfer & Ship -$75
DWAC Transfer - $100
Foreign Securities (Orders) - $75+Commission
Foreign Security Fee - $75
Foreign Stock Deposit - $250+
Government Agency Transfer - $25
Legal Transfer & Pass Through Charges - $100+
Special Registration - $25
Voluntary Reorg - $25

Trading Fees

Foreign Securities (Orders) - $75+Commission

Transfers Fees

DRS Reject Fee Transfer & Ship - $75
DWAC Transfer - $100
Outgoing Account Transfer Fee - $75
Partial Transfer Fee - $25
Retirement Account Termination Fee - $125

Retirement Account Fees

Retirement Accounts Maintenance Fee - $30 per year if account balance is less than $10,000
Retirement Account Termination Fee - $125

Please contact Customer Service for details on any other retirement fees as they apply to your specific account.

Maintenance Fees

Your account is subject to a maintenance fee that may be waived based on activity and household equity.

Margin Rates

Our margin rates vary depending on your investments. For more details Contact us. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Miscellaneous Fees

Duplicate Doc (per) - $5
Foreign Overnight - $50
Maintenance Fee - $50
Monthly Statements - Additional Copies $5 each
Overnight Delivery - $25
Prepayment of Funds - 2%
Reg T Extension- $25
Research on Demand $1.50-$4.50
Returned Wire Fee - $25
Voluntary Reorg - $25
Paper Statement Fee - $2
Stock Certificate - $100

Payment for Order Flow:

Siebert has consistently handled its customers' orders with the goal of the best execution at a low cost. In all cases, we seek to direct orders so that they are executed promptly and at the best price.

We monitor and compare the quality of executions to comply with both industry regulations and with our business goal of getting the best price for our customers. Siebert may receive negligible payments for order flow. The various option exchanges may also pay for order flow. We shall continue to direct our option order flow to the market with the tightest spread and most volume, with the help of our agent dealers.

Siebert may share revenue from certain executions based upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: size of the order, the NBBO in the security at the time of execution, time of order entry, whether the order is executable at the time of entry, and whether or not an order is price improved.

Free Credit Interest

Uninvested cash in your account may be held by us as a “free credit balance” earning interest and available to you for investment or to withdraw at any time, just as with a money market fund.

The “Free Credit Interest” feature pays you interest, at a rate set by Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc. on cash awaiting investment. Certain types of account may not be eligible for “Free Credit Interest” and will have uninvested cash held in a money market fund.




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