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A seamless integration.

Technology Advantage.

Siebert technology partnerships create a distinct advantage through FIX connection trading and realtime transaction reporting. True integration reduces risk through immediate updates on the record keeping and brokerage platforms – no file transfers necessary.


Real-time, enhanced reporting communications.

We can help maximize efficiencies and increase reporting transparency.

Siebert offers a FIX connection which provides the fastest experience to transfer data, which for you means no matter the size of your plan or the amount of data transfers for your participants, you will receive reporting updates and access administrative needs in real time.

Your data is always up-to-date so you have access when you need it.

Streamline your book keeping.

How long to you spend manually keeping track of your equity compensation plan key dates and scheduling? Monitoring and managing this is simplified.

Flexible Administration Options

Choose exactly what’s right for your organization for the level of involvement you would like in managing your stock plan. You can feel confident that our personalized solutions will help you streamline processes, improve productivity, and tighten compliance.

Benefits of working with an administrative and reporting platform: 

• Administer multiple, separate award types from one convenient place
• Access a complete audit trail of transactions
• Easily cancel, replace, or modify grants
• Receive alerts that let you know when an activity requires your attention
• Choose the administration level that works best for you—full or partial

We've got you covered.

Siebert partners with multiple technology companies to give you the flexibility of selecting the perfect administration and reporting platform to combine with brokerage services.

Stress-Free Equity Compensation Management

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