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Final leg of the race

Stocks just about broke even in a mixed close yesterday in a low volume session with little news – the big drivers start today. The inverted yield curve in treasuries indicates that the bond market continues to worry about a recession, rightly so. It’s go time. Well, here we are, on the last day of…

A group  of extraordinarily powerful bankers 

 You have probably heard about the Federal Open Market Committee. You haven’t? Perhaps you saw something about an FOMC meeting? Ok, I know that you know about the Federal Reserve Bank, which goes by the nickname The Fed, or just simply, Fed. Fed officials meet from time to time to discuss, among other things, the…

Apple rots on the vine as lockdowns slow production in China

Stocks swooned as China erupts in protest over COVID lockdown measures – trouble in China could mean trouble for the global economy. Some Fed officials are simply not content with the way in which markets are interpreting Fed policy. Upside down, downside up. As far back as I could remember, the shape of the Treasury…

Turkey down, Fed on deck

Stocks had a mixed close on Friday’s abridged session as the haze from Wednesday’s FOMC minutes… and maybe some turkey began to wear off. Most Fed policy makers believe that the pace of rate hiking should slow down. Saying is believing. You would expect a person like me to tell you to focus on the…

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