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Comeback.  Stocks rallied yesterday on the heels of Wednesday’s route.  News of a bounce in GDP growth and better-than-expected jobless numbers helped propel stocks higher.   N O T E W O R T H Y   High-Vee.  Depending on where you are in the country you would probably respond differently to this tagline.  If you…

Downtown Express Train

Downtown express train.  Stocks took a beating yesterday on news that new lockdowns will be initiated across Europe.  There were few places to hide in yesterday’s collapse with all sectors ending the session in the red.   N O T E W O R T H Y   Cases up, stocks down.  Well, we all…

Under The Weather

Under the weather.  Stocks had a mixed close yesterday, giving up earlier session gains, because the virus is still spreading. Earnings and election anxiety added to an already volatile market as France and Germany propose lockdowns to put down recent virus surges.   N O T E W O R T H Y   Don’t…

Sapped Rally

Sapped rally.  Stocks sold off yesterday as investors realized that elections are a week away and the world is still facing a pandemic.  Markets were forced to digest a large plate of hard-to-digest headlines from the weekend.   N O T E W O R T H Y   These aren’t the droids you’re looking…

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