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Green light / red light

Stocks had a mixed close yesterday as investors tried to make sense of some wild-in-both-directions economic releases. Longer maturity bond yields marched higher leaving stock investors of all types concerned, causing higher yielding stocks to pull back. Hey Fed, it’s working. My regular readers are accustomed to my occasional “it’s just math, stupid” submissions from…

 Why are my growth stocks falling? 

 Growth stocks, particularly tech stocks, have ruled the roost for many years, endearing themselves to investors of all types. Why? Well, you know, because they have performed so well over the years, especially those years in the wake of The Great Recession and then once again in the aftermath of the COVID lockdowns and snap…

US Dollars, please

Stocks slumped for a fifth straight session as fear-gripped traders contemplate a global economic downturn. Bond yields spiked higher yesterday adding pressure to equities. Pounded. I am going to start with your chart of the day. You already probably know what it is going to be based on my one-word tagline. Really, it doesn’t matter…

The Fed Effect

Stocks sold off on Friday as investors took to heart the reality of an economic slowdown hatched by the Fed. Bond yields jumped and interest rate sensitive stocks led equities lower. The Fed made its pronouncement and now the markets are attempting to factor in not only future moves, but also the effects… and the…

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