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Discount Buying

Discount buying.  Stocks rebounded sharply yesterday as inflation fears receded, even after an early morning inflation number came in hotter than expected. First time unemployment claims were less than expected and the CDC eased its mask restriction guidance, clearing the way for investors to buy the dip. N O T E W O R T H…

Back On The Chain Gang

It is a complicated topic to cover, which is probably why many people have probably avoided attempts to delve in.  The concept has been around for decades and it has been actively used for at least the last decade.  Its recent popularity has thrown a light into what was once a small corner of a…

Fears Become Reality

Fears become reality.  Stocks experienced a major rout yesterday when a greater than expected Consumer Price Index number prompted selling.  Higher bond yields resulting from the big inflation print accelerated the buying in growth stocks, whose valuations are affected by rising bond yields. N O T E W O R T H Y The things…

They’re Here

They’re here.  Scaries overcame markets today as investor fear caused a broad selloff in the equity markets.  Tech stocks slid at the opening, followed by the broader market, ultimately the dip buyers entered the market, rescuing the tech-heavy Nasdaq leaving the broader indexes with deep losses. N O T E W O R T H Y…

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