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Emotional equities and practical bonds

Stocks rallied yesterday as investors decided that it was time to buy the dip… and they did it broadly and in a big way.  It’s monthly jobs day today but yesterday’s weekly jobs numbers beat expectations… the Fed will be watching closely. N O T E W O R T H Y Oh Omicron?  Stocks…

Deferring capital gains tax on your real estate investments

Introduction Someone once told me years ago to invest in land because God stopped making it.  I was much, much younger, and not completely sure what this person was talking about.  Looking back however, I wish I had asked some more questions rather than chuckling and filing the musing under my now-tremendous file of Wall…

Airlines down, airlines up… traders are getting airsick

Stocks took a beating into the close yesterday as Omicron jitters got the best of an early morning rally.  Hurricane Omicron grew in strength and returned to the markets for a second bruising session. N O T E W O R T H Y A reversal of fortune.  If you haven’t figured it out yet,…

Persistent inflation means higher rates are coming our way

Equity markets took a beating yesterday on comments made by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.  Omicron had the market spooked out of the gate, but things got spookier as the Fed Chair hinted at speeding up the bond buying taper and the Treasury Secretary warned of default. N O T E…

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