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Dips in chips

Stocks rallied yesterday on a stronger than expected GDP figure which suggested that a “soft landing” is possible. It is still unclear if the inflation outlook will cooperate with that narrative. Goldilocks. We have been taught that everything has a cost associated with it. You can’t have pleasure without some pain. “No pain, no gain,”…

 Yearbook 2022 – destroy after reading – 

 This was the year which had the deck stacked against investors of all types. I hate to start out with an idiom, but I cannot think of a better way to describe the setup for 2022. Not including this, the 10 years prior have been good ones. Only 2 losing years for stocks with all…

The Fed will have the final word on your summer holiday

Stocks rallied from sizable early losses yesterday to close just about at breakeven as investors bought the dip. Investors are paying close attention to earnings and just beating estimates may not be enough to satisfy. Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. It’s coming up fast. The FOMC will have its first meeting of…

Sunny days ahead?

Stocks had a rocky session yesterday after a series of sobering earnings reports. Flash Purchasing Managers Indexes gave evidence of a contracting economy in products and services but came in slightly better than expected. Let the sunshine in. Have you noticed the preponderance of solar panels on roofs lately? Sure, you have. I remember in…

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