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Less sales for Salesforce force shareholders to sales of shares

Stocks were beaten down by higher bond yields attributed to confident consumers and a hawkish Minneapolis Fed Head. Beige Book provides very-beige view of regional economies growing at modest pace. Silver lining. I am not going to post a chart of 10-year Treasury note yields so you can see just how peculiar the rising yields…

A Quick Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Driven Investments

In 2008, researcher Alexander Dahlsrud examined 37 different definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)1 . That was 15 years ago, and you probably may not be surprised to learn that there is still not 1 overarching, accepted definition. Of Dahlsrud’s 37 definitions, one of my favorites is “CSR is the voluntary assumption by companies of…

Will summer airline travel be grounded?

Stocks had a mixed close yesterday as rising bond yields collared any high hopes of solid gains. Consumer Confidence stages a comeback, beating economists’ estimates – praised be the almighty consumer. Under the influence. I will admit that I am a bit frustrated. I am ever on the search for information that can help you…

Summer fun awaits – don’t forget your portfolio

Stocks rallied in a low-volume session as traders bought stocks on sale from the previous days’ carnage. Michigan sentiment gets an upward revision on confidence and a downward revision on expected inflation – 👍, says the market. Just how confident are you? I heard something or other on the local news this morning that the…

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