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Trounce and bounce!

Stocks had a wild ride, making a quick stop in correction territory before bringing it home with a rally into the green. The wild intraday move is a clear result of fringed nerves as traders struggle to make sense of a massive turn in Fed policy. Reality check, please.  We could all do without a…

A Year in Pictures

Usually, when I write my year end reviews, I am able to jot down a few milestone events and fill in the details.  As you might guess, 2020 and perhaps, even more so 2021 would prove to be a bit more, shall we say… complex.  We started the year on the tails of a second…

Netflix casts a shadow over on-edge market

Stocks were under further pressure in Friday’s session as this week’s FOMC meeting looms above the already shaky equity markets. An earnings miss in one company and management missteps at another were enough to shake the confidence of the pricey Nasdaq. There’s blood in the streets; it’s up to my ankles.  Why not quote the…

Peloton ran off the road and the market followed

Stocks gave up early gains to close in the red yesterday after a negative report about lock-down darling Peloton hit the tape. The Nasdaq reversed a more than +2% gain in a sharp selloff into the close. Saddle soar.  I feel like I might be sounding like a broken record, but risk is inexorably connected…

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