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Fed leads the way

Stocks mostly slipped yesterday as Snap, owner of popular social media application Snapchat lowered guidance, blaming it on poor economic conditions. New Home Sales took a big hit last month, indicating that rising interest rates may be taking its toll. Sitting on your hands. There is beauty in the simplicity of many of the old…

Keeping It Real

 Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a land baron? Too ambitious for you? How about a simple rental property? Real estate is an important investment asset class which is typically overlooked by investors because most investors lack the experience, the necessary capital, or the time to manage the investment. However, there…

Snap’s winning streak snapped

Stocks gained yesterday as investors celebrated Friday’s avoidance of a bear market by the S&P500. Biden hinted that he may lower Trump-era tariffs on China to ease inflationary pressures and the market applauded – he just hinted. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Yesterday was an interesting one in stocks. There was a bevy of…

The devil is in the details

It was another wild ride for stocks on Friday as bearish sentiment quashed an early rally running indexes into a deep rout, only to rally into the final bell for a mixed close. The S&P was in bear territory during Friday’s session, but it managed to find its way out by the end of the…

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