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Alphabet advances in the artificial brain battle

Stocks declined for a third straight session as cooling down traders await tomorrow’s big numbers and next week’s FOMC meeting. ADP employment figures show that the Fed’s good work is… working good… correction, well. Cleared for landing. In just a day or so we will get the highly anticipated monthly employment report from the Bureau…

 Weighed down by deficit 

 If you have been paying close attention to the news lately, you would know that the US came within hours, if not minutes from a government shutdown just last week. Congressional leaders were caught in a deep debate over government spending. Arguably, budget approval is an appropriate time to consider spending… well maybe not in…

What snacks are in your cupboard?

Stocks had a mixed close yesterday with tech stocks coming up the winner. Treasury yields fell as the JOLTS report came up short, indicating that the labor market may be slackening. Just a reminder. As I read through a myriad of news and analysis this morning, something caught my eye. No, it wasn’t some deep,…

Do you want the job or not?

Stocks pulled back yesterday as investors took time to rest their animal spirits. Consumer durable inventories are down from a year ago which is healthy for retailers, maybe not so good for consumers and… prices. Help wanted. Today marks the beginning of the queue leading up to Friday’s big monthly jobs number. The monthly number…

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