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Way off, Target

Stocks fell yesterday on weak pre-market earnings data that suggested Americans are struggling with inflation – we knew that, but it was tough to see. The Fed wants to appear tough…with a softer side and investors are confused. Bold with slight hints of dove. Sure, I would like for just one day to focus on…


 Do you remember the last economic recession? Well, if you watch the news and you have an investment portfolio, you probably remember that we had a brief recession at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. You also most likely recall that there was The Great Recession somewhere around 2008. I used the word “somewhere”…

Battle of the home improvement giants

Stocks staged a mixed close yesterday after two retail giants posted better-than-expected earnings. Retail stocks have been on the ropes, but you wouldn’t have known that if you observed the sector in yesterday’s market – leaving traders wondering if this is just a dying gasp. Dim the house lights. This is the setting. You are…

Home improvement still improving, despite setbacks

Stocks shrugged off disappointing news from China and the Empire state to rally as hopes of peak Fed hawkishness drove buying. The housing sector continues to weaken according to the latest numbers from the National Association of Home Builders. Good fortune / bad fortune. Whether you reside in the US or not or whether you…

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