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1980s big hair, big failures, and big regulations

Stocks had a mixed close on Friday as investors were unsure about whether to let their AI gains ride or to walk away – with massive profits. Markets’ no-worries attitude has some investors worried. Let it be. I spent a great deal of time with some extraordinarily bright folks this past weekend. One of the…

A Quick Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Driven Investments

In 2008, researcher Alexander Dahlsrud examined 37 different definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)1 . That was 15 years ago, and you probably may not be surprised to learn that there is still not 1 overarching, accepted definition. Of Dahlsrud’s 37 definitions, one of my favorites is “CSR is the voluntary assumption by companies of…

Less travel and more live concerts

Stocks rocketed to fresh highs yesterday propelled by NVIDIAs moonshot earnings 🚀. Services PMIs lagged economists’ estimates which may be a glimmer of hope for the still-angry Fed. Digging in the dirt. Ok, humor me. Do you remember when you thought that Apple’s iPhone was silly? Who would want to carry around a bulky email…

Actual intelligence

Stocks had a mixed close yesterday spending most of the session under siege… until the final minutes of trading when traders caved in fear that NVIDIA would do it again after the close… it did. The Fed is worried about stagflation, which is why it is not going to lower rates so fast, according to…

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