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The real impact of negative real yields

Bulls in a China shop.  Stocks edged higher yesterday as investors piled out of Chinese shares and into US shares in a safety trade.  New home sales experienced a drop in July, vastly missing expectations, leaving investors wondering if the housing boom is over. N O T E W O R T H Y No…

Hey, big spender

Have you traveled outside of the US in the past several years?  If you have, you might have observed that there is a noticeable difference in the state of infrastructure in the country you visited compared to that of the US.  You may have actually been surprised, if not disappointed.  After all, the US boasts…

What Do Falling Bond Yields Mean for Stocks

Record heat.  Stocks rose to new highs on economic optimism. Flash PMIs indicated a beat in manufacturing and a miss in services, which continued to trail in the recovery. N O T E W O R T H Y Not gone, but forgotten.  We knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Human nature, unless one…

How stock options impact the market

The great beyond.  Stocks rose yesterday as traders chose to cheer positive earnings and look beyond the latest surge in COVID cases.  First time claims for unemployment benefits topped estimates leading to some head scratching but stocks powered forward despite the miss. N O T E W O R T H Y Ties – optional….

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