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Value Added Services

Going beyond the core prime brokerage offerings.

Our team has worked hard to offer value added services that go beyond the core prime brokerage offerings. Included in these services are Access to Capital, Proprietary Risk Portfolio Analytics, Institutional Quality Reporting and Access to Third Party Research providers.


Gain access to investors who are “natural buyers” of various hedge fund strategies.

With proven success in guiding our clients toward raising institutional assets, we have cultivated high caliber hedge funds that are distinctly marketable to our deep pool of asset allocators. Our firmly rooted relationships with high-net worth investors, family offices and fund of funds have been forged through the firms’ origin as a successful capital allocator to our clients. This background gives us a unique position to make recommendations from experience to institutional investors.

Allocators are attracted to the high quality investment managers and hedge funds on our platform as well as the advanced technology and infrastructure support.

WPS Prime Solutions has developed a best-of-breed risk and analytics system called Armor.

The real-time, dynamic interface of Armor allows our clients to monitor important metrics around risk in their portfolios. Among the categories covered are:

  • Real-time positions and profit/loss information across unlimited separately managed accounts
  • Attribution studies across each sector
  • Asset classes include equities, options, futures and corporate bonds
  • Ability to “shock” portfolios against several significant historical events
  • Delta adjusted risk views
  • Ability to generate reports for current and prospective investors
  • “Grouping” capability is available on individual securities, groups of managers, sectors, strategies, and a wide range of adjustable criteria.
  • Customizable alerts delivered in real-time to desktop or mobile device

    The speed and reliability of system response and account access times may be affected by factors such as trading volume, market conditions, system performance, or other factors.

WPS Prime Solutions provides institutional quality, fully customizable portfolio reports for its clients.

These reports can be queried intra-day or be automatically delivered at the beginning of each trading day. Portfolio reports include:

  • Attribution analysis
  • Realized and unrealized gains and losses
  • Current year and historical performances
  • Multi-asset class – choose from Fixed Income, Equities, Options, Futures, Currency Forwards and Currencies Tax lot, Accrual based accounting we offer supplemental data feeds to track dividend accruals as well as calculate accrued income for fixed income instruments
  • Multi-currency track / view cost basis in any currency. Multiple closing methods: choose from FIFO, LIFO, High Cost (Long / Short Term), Low Cost (Long / Short Term), Minimize Capital Gains, and Specific Lot closing methods
  • Daily custodial reconciliation of transactions and positions. Every portfolio is checked for accuracy every business day
  • T+1 and real time asset valuation
  • Supplemental market data feeds for benchmarks, pricing, dividend accruals and corporate actions
  • Individual account and consolidated level reporting

3rd Party Research.

Gathering data, analyzing ideas and staying current with events in the marketplace is a fundamental component of successful fund management.

WPS Prime Solutions offers access to the most sought after and cost effective research platforms available. With our access to independent research from top-rated providers by “Investstars” and “Institutional Investor”, we aim to deliver quality research to our clients. Choose from over 100 providers on 10 different platforms spanning both fundamental and technical styles.

Outsource Trading

WPS Prime Solutions Outsource Trading desk functions as a global buyside trading desk. We offer an unparalleled combination of deep experience, conflict-free execution, and client focus that can be tailored for managers of any size or structure. Our expertise, approach to client service, and long-standing client and broker relationships translate to a single commodity: trust.

We exercise the same diligence and “high touch” for all clients, monitoring their portfolios to take advantage of market moves and information. Each client has full access to the entire team of senior traders and seasoned operational staff. The nucleus of Weeden’s Outsourced Trading is our extraordinary team of traders. Each is a skilled professional with extensive personal experience. Most importantly, we have worked together as a team providing outsourced trading since 1996. This level of shared experience can generate tangible and intangible benefits for our clients. Among them are quality execution, enhanced liquidity, and greater access to top-tier information flow and research. Our traders’ industry relationships are noted for their depth and longevity, and allow the team to offer unique insights into market or industry activities and valuable advice on trade-related and technical issues.

WPS Prime Solutions serves exclusively as an agent of the client, and our business consists only of our core competency of trading. We do not trade on a proprietary basis. Our commission management solution does not compromise best execution. A fund’s primary cost of trading becomes the commissions they pay. Outsourcing allows the conversion of fixed costs and capital expenditures of an in-house desk to a variable cost based on trading activity.

By partnering with our clients, we allow portfolio managers to concentrate on their own core competencies: research, idea generation, and most importantly – performance.

Outsource Trading

Our top priority is our long-standing client relationships.

By partnering with our clients, we allow portfolio managers to concentrate on their own core competencies: research, idea generation, and most importantly – performance.


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